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Do you want to satisfy hunger? Order craft food! Kraft Burger food delivery service will bring you the best burgers and sushi at the speed of light.
Craft burger will make your day incredible. And the roles will make you change your view of the land. Our delivery is in Kyiv and Lviv .
Black and white sesame buns, bacon, pickles, tomato, cheddar, caramelized or crunchy onions, lots of sauces, even cherries !, do everything to make the superburger tasty and juicy. It will get to you hot, because we deliver in 29 minutes in Lviv and 59 minutes in Kyiv. If we do not have time, then we will have a gift - a roll or a burger.
Kraft Burger allows you to choose a cutlet: beef, chicken or Beyond, which is suitable for those who do not eat meat. If you are vegan - no problem! Let's make a vega burger for you. If one is not enough - choose a double cutlet. Or extra bacon or double cheese. If you want to feed a large company, take a burger combo or burger menu. For cool parties we have a Pathmaker. We combine original burgers in the burger menu with additions: sauces, french fries, peasant-style potatoes.
Kraft Burger service offers a unique combo - sushi and burgers. In the role we add twice as much fish. Perfectly cooked rice, salmon, eel, cream cheese, avocado - everyone will find sushi to taste. We offer networks for the company. Set of Dragons, Unagi, Sapporo will make the evening with friends delicious and fun. The classic roles of Philadelphia and California in Kyiv and Lviv will make the party really cool. You can also take supplements: ginger and wasabi. In Lviv we even deliver to Sykhiv. Kyiv has delivery on the Right and Left banks.
You can order sushi, burgers by phone: 093 17 091 17 (Kiev), 093 17 079 17 (Lviv) or on the website. The operator will tell in detail about the range, composition, will help to place an order. Make a discount if you have a promo code from Kraft Burger. The courier will deliver the fastest, fastest delivery. And after you try our food, you won't be able to give up Craft. Choose your favorite sauce: Cheddar, BBQ, honey-mustard, spicy and ketchup.
For those who can't choose between a juicy burger and rolls, arrange a romantic dinner for two - we have Duo Set. And for the party - Veri Big Set. You can also order drinks - carbonated, still water, juices. Let's help quench thirst. You can pay for delivery in cash, by courier card and through the online payment service LiqPay.
After placing an order, you:
- taste unique recipes;
- quench hunger;
- you will fall in love with our service.
Order Kraft Burger - feel the taste and quality of our masterpieces.